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Organizations have a complete scalable, pay-as-you-need IT infrastructure on call with hybrid cloud. As their businesses need probable methods of growth and change, the agility and flexibility to change in order to thrive forward is made possible through moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

However, as organizations moving to a hybrid cloud model increases, all the workloads running across cloud platforms increases too which in turn needs to be properly managed by their IT teams. The cloud may have countless benefits offered but it also introduces brand new challenges, taking complexity to a whole new level.

Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) can help you manage and protect both Azure and AWS deployments with Windows and Linux servers. OMS is an add-on for managing cloud workloads within the System Center extending its IT management capabilities to the cloud, enabling greater control, visibility and security across your hybrid cloud.

Driven to help potential customers get the most of a hybrid cloud strategy, NETLO offers full optimization of Operations Management Suite (OMS) to help you take advantage of this powerful Management-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering by Microsoft.

OMS not only has log analysis to collect, store and analyze log data effortlessly from Windows and Linux servers, but it also provides IT automation, security functions and compliance and Availability OnDemand with services as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.